Forest Therapy

A while back during spring I was invited by one of my Japanese teachers to go to Wakayama along with his granddaughter and another student I am friends with. At the time I still had yet to visit that prefecture and really wanted to visit, especially since I live relatively close anyways. We left early… Continue reading Forest Therapy

Until Fukui – Ep. 2

After leaving Tojinbo we arrived at Awara Onsen town. They had quite a few hot springs in the town so we went for a relaxing visit.  Saw a cool girl with a film camera there, which always gets me hype to see others enjoying photography. We popped into a hot spring and relaxed there for… Continue reading Until Fukui – Ep. 2

A Japanese Residence

I think it’s a truly special experience to see what life is like for those of a different country/culture with firsthand experience. You learn about a lot of different things and it answers questions you may have always wondered. One of these past weekends I stayed at my Japanese teacher’s house with another one of… Continue reading A Japanese Residence