Shiga Rains

Shiga prefecture 滋賀県is northeast of Kyoto and is home to Lake Biwa. I live really close, relatively anyway, to Shiga prefecture but have yet to actually visit. Eventually I want to try and visit all 47 prefectures so I planned to come see this land sometime during my visit. I have weekly Japanese classes and… Continue reading Shiga Rains

Methods for learning Japanese (any language)

Last time I posted about key points to learning Japanese which I can link to here. This is the second part to that post, this time talking about actual methods. I for one believe that the methods are not the most important part, but it is good to be doing something that will actually help… Continue reading Methods for learning Japanese (any language)

Why go to Japan? 日本に行くべき理由

There are many reasons I love Japan. It’s the main reason I live here after all. It isn’t a perfect country however and there are quite a few things that annoy me about being here as well. I want to focus on the good things though. As with life you shouldn’t ignore the problems, but… Continue reading Why go to Japan? 日本に行くべき理由

Kyoto till Hyogo

Amanohashidate 天橋立, Kinosaki Onsen 城崎温泉, Totori Sand dunes 鳥取砂丘. The Legendary Three. Not really though, but they all are beautiful locations. Last year for silver week I went with two other JETs to these locations over a three day period. Silver week is a week in September here in Japan that contains two holidays. At… Continue reading Kyoto till Hyogo

Kyushu Trails – 九州の旅

Late August of last year I went to see a good friend who is also a JET teacher in Miyazaki prefecture(宮崎県), Kyushu (九州) in Japan. I live in Mie Prefecture (三重県) so I get to visit the Kansai sights often, but as for Kyushu, this was my first time there. There are four main islands… Continue reading Kyushu Trails – 九州の旅