Forest Therapy

A while back during spring I was invited by one of my Japanese teachers to go to Wakayama along with his granddaughter and another student I am friends with. At the time I still had yet to visit that prefecture and really wanted to visit, especially since I live relatively close anyways. We left early… Continue reading Forest Therapy

To the New World 新世界へ

Osaka is a city full of bright lights and a zoo of aromas ranging from fried foods lining the streets and the various restaurants that flood the city. It’s a fun city for sure that has pretty much anything you are looking for. It’s one of the biggest cities in Japan and you can feel… Continue reading To the New World 新世界へ

Why go to Japan? 日本に行くべき理由

There are many reasons I love Japan. It’s the main reason I live here after all. It isn’t a perfect country however and there are quite a few things that annoy me about being here as well. I want to focus on the good things though. As with life you shouldn’t ignore the problems, but… Continue reading Why go to Japan? 日本に行くべき理由

Ninja Town 忍者の村

Like ninjas? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Anyways I love them, so let’s talk.  Iga city伊賀市 is well known in Japan as being the birthplace of ninjas. Therefore they have many different types of attractions for those seeking to learn more. Naruto has always been one of my favorite shows for over the past… Continue reading Ninja Town 忍者の村