The Water City – 郡上八幡

Gujohachiman, the city of water. A beautiful mountain village up in Gifu prefecture 岐阜県. I have wanted to go to gujohachiman for a long time now. I first saw a video of some vloggers who visited there on YouTube. It looked like such a gorgeous place I really wanted to visit for myself. I finally… Continue reading The Water City – 郡上八幡

Thrills in Kobe – 神戸

Last summer I went to the beautiful city of Kobe神戸 in Hyogo prefecture兵庫県. Kobe is a lovely port town that has many delicious foods and fancy sites. Parts of the city have a western style design which is also very unique for Japan. This wasn’t my first time to the city, but this trip was… Continue reading Thrills in Kobe – 神戸