Japanese School Life

I teach at Japanese Middle and Elementary schools as an Assistant language teacher (ALT). I got into this position from the JET Program and now work directly for the schools and the Board of Education here in my country town in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. It’s a great experience and I feel like I… Continue reading Japanese School Life

A Japanese BBQ – Experiences and Opinions

The other day I went a Japanese Style BBQ with the tennis club in my city. I joined them when I first came here because I wanted to make friends and get to know people as soon as I could. Well I like tennis too, but mainly I just wanted to make friends. I hadn’t… Continue reading A Japanese BBQ – Experiences and Opinions

A Café with a Stranger

An ordinary Sunday. Was feeling a little low so I wanted to get out of the apartment and go for a walk. Ended up at one of the bookstores just browsing around. I always enjoy the atmosphere at bookstores, very relaxing and inspiring. I think because of all the different subjects and stories, it can… Continue reading A Café with a Stranger

A Japanese Residence

I think it’s a truly special experience to see what life is like for those of a different country/culture with firsthand experience. You learn about a lot of different things and it answers questions you may have always wondered. One of these past weekends I stayed at my Japanese teacher’s house with another one of… Continue reading A Japanese Residence

Methods for learning Japanese (any language)

Last time I posted about key points to learning Japanese which I can link to here. This is the second part to that post, this time talking about actual methods. I for one believe that the methods are not the most important part, but it is good to be doing something that will actually help… Continue reading Methods for learning Japanese (any language)