Until Fukui – Ep. 2

After leaving Tojinbo we arrived at Awara Onsen town. They had quite a few hot springs in the town so we went for a relaxing visit.  Saw a cool girl with a film camera there, which always gets me hype to see others enjoying photography. We popped into a hot spring and relaxed there for around 40ish minutes. The place was rather simple compared to some of the other onsens I had been to, but not bad at all. It was starting to get a little late so we made our way back. Rained on us the whole way to Awara station. We boarded the train to go back to Fukui station. It was there we ran into the same group of ladies from before. Their concert had just finished and they were on their way back as well. The English teacher came over and talked to us some, said the other ladies were wanting her to come check on us haha. We talked a little more and she went back to her seat. We got back to Fukui station and went off for food. We ended up getting some ramen in a small restaurant near the station. We browsed some shops that were up there as well. Maybe a couple hours went by and we went back down and started heading back to the hotel. Left from the family mart exit when a girl walks up to me and says, “Remember me?” She was really pretty, but it didn’t register in my head until she said, “I’m the one who gave you those snacks.” It was then it all came back to me, got a high five from her and told her thanks again. We said goodbye and went our own ways. It seemed their group had split up as it was only three of them there. Apparently they go on trips like this almost every weekend. I am not really a huge fan of concerts or anything, but that dedication and those weekly trips with friends sound amazing. Walking home I again felt how lucky we were to meet all of them. All we did was cross paths, shared some conversations and some laughs, technically some food too, but it was one of the most special parts of this trip for me. I always wish I could cross paths again with some of them (any friends I meet along the trip) later down the road even though I know it’s not likely. I won’t rule it out though haha. It is possible after all. Day 2 complete.


Day 3. Still didn’t sleep well. Took us a little longer to get moving compared to day 2. The last destination on our trip was Eiheiji Temple. To be honest it didn’t look like anything special from the picture I saw, just an ordinary temple which I have been to the like many times. Thankfully my original perception of it was completely wrong. One of the most beautiful temples I have seen here in this land. There was beautiful moss surrounding the temple and all the grounds around it. The temple itself was gigantic and we got to take a walk around. You can even do an overnight stay and take up the practice of the Buddhist monks there. There are two options, one was about 2 or 3 days and the other one was around 5 days. We didn’t get a chance to try, but it is something that I would defiantly be interested in. Both the temple and the outside were just magnificent. There was still some snow lying about throughout the surrounding area too which gave the temple a stunning appearance. In total I want to say it also took about 50 minutes to get to the temple as well. We spent maybe around 2 hours here as well and then took a bus back to Fukui station in order to start the journey back home. We originally wanted to go to some ruins after the temple, but the weather was starting to turn and we figured it would be best to move on now after such a nice experience.


We got back to Fukui Station, had some lunch and started our trip back. The train was extremely crowded so we had to stand for about an hour and a half. Thankfully since it was daylight now, we got to see Lake Biwa on the return. A stunning and huge lake that stretched on for miles. We defiantly want to take a trip up to the lake itself someday. We reached Kyoto and took the next train all the way home to Mie. Since we left Friday we were able to pull off a two night trip on a completely normal weekend which was great. It was tiring though and I had to recuperate for a couple days after all the exploring.


Fukui was a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t too far and wants to see something new. It isn’t a place so amazing that I would recommend you to come from another country, unless you had already traveled many of the well-known places in Japan already. For a situation like this though it turned out perfect. I’m glad we were able to have such an adventure on a simple weekend; it shows me that I am capably of going to many more places with that amount of time. Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for checking our adventure out, Peace.


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