The Water City – 郡上八幡

Gujohachiman, the city of water. A beautiful mountain village up in Gifu prefecture 岐阜県. I have wanted to go to gujohachiman for a long time now. I first saw a video of some vloggers who visited there on YouTube. It looked like such a gorgeous place I really wanted to visit for myself. I finally got around to it with two good friends from the University days.


We pulled it off as a day trip, which I think is plenty of time for the small mountain town. We ended up being there for around 4 or 5 hours and felt we could do most of the things there we wanted to. It was a long trip for me coming up from Mie prefecture, but the trip itself wasn’t too bad. We got a highway bus from Gifu station and it took us a little over an hour to get there. A ticket there and back was 2,700 yen in total so not too bad either. The closer to the city you get the prettier and prettier the scenery gets. Many people mountains and valleys with rivers cutting throughout. I have heard the local train line you can take is also very scenic, but it was quite expensive comparatively and since it is still winter, I figured that would be best saved for a time when plants weren’t dead.


The town is famous for the water ways and also for making sample foods you see in restaurant windows. We actually got to participate as well. Paid around 1,200 yen or 12 US dollars for a session of making our own fake tempura. It wasn’t something I really cared for when I first heard it, but it was actually pretty cool. I do recommend it if you go. There is also a nice castle up towards one of the hills by the city. It has a good view of the valleys around the city. If you come at the right time of day and year you can also see the castle surrounded by clouds. It looks as if it is floating in the sky. We didn’t get to see that, but the weather was quite beautiful that day so I won’t complain.


The water ways are also very beautiful. I really want to come back again in the summer when there is more life and also a large festival goes on. It seems like a quite magical place towards twilight during the summer. If you are into traditional Japanese towns and the like this place would be a great trip for you. I would recommend any season, even winter (if you like snowy mountain towns). We didn’t get any snow so I feel that we technically saw it at the lowest point (considering I like summer views a lot more) and I still thought it was a beautiful town.


If you ever find yourself in that area I defiantly recommend you spend a few hours there if not more. There are also some other really pretty places that aren’t too far from the city. I have yet to go to some of those places, but I too want to check them out. Thanks and peace.


5 thoughts on “The Water City – 郡上八幡

    1. Yea thats right! I really want to visit both of those places actually. I planned to go to shirakawago this year but things didn’t work out. Both places are gorgeous looking though


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