Recent days keep showing me how important other people are in our lives. This past weekend I went up to Nagoya City which is the place I studied abroad in back in 2013/14. I lived in a dorm back in those days and had a few RAs (residential advisors) that helped us out when we needed it. Mainly though they were just good friends to everyone. After graduating and a few years going by people have moved on and started working. I’m not different. While I’m blessed to have a job I do miss being with my friends every day and just having fun. Thankfully we got to experience that again for a day.

One of my RAs came from Tokyo and the other lives in the area. My other good friend who actually I went on the slide adventure with me came as well. It’s difficult for everyone to meet up these days, but we were able to this time.

I’ve kept in touch with everyone, but it’s not the same as actually being together. The important thing is just appreciating each other. We didn’t do anything too special the day we met. Just ate food, had fun in a park, and went bowling with some other friends that are currently studying abroad. Yet it was one of the most fun days I’ve had in months. The energy everyone gives off, the enjoyment of just being in each others company, and the appreciation of doing the simple things together. Those are some things I really enjoy. The more I’m surrounded by friends, the more energy I feel I have. We can just be silly and run around, but those moments are some of the best.

Sometimes we look to physical things to make us happy, things like money, clothes, and all sorts of items. The more and more I grow the more I just want to stop buying things and spend that money on seeing old and making new friends. Part of that is because I like that simplistic lifestyle of not having a bunch of crap around the house. Thinking about the best camera to buy or what clothes I should get can just be plain stressful at times. Why buy something when it’s only creating stress? Losing money and my peace is just stupid. That and also the other part is just me realizing how much I love being with people.  The joy I get from seeing my friends and having fun is way more valuable then things I can buy in the store. I’ve made all these special bonds with people over the years and I want those bonds to last forever.

Times keep changing and it might become harder to meet some people, might get easier too. I don’t have control over a lot of that, but I can still do a lot with the control I do have. I encourage everyone to treasure their friends. That’s a rule I want to live by. I hope the way I live my life with them makes it apparent enough, but just in case, I want to say thank you. Peace.


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