A Café with a Stranger

An ordinary Sunday. Was feeling a little low so I wanted to get out of the apartment and go for a walk. Ended up at one of the bookstores just browsing around. I always enjoy the atmosphere at bookstores, very relaxing and inspiring. I think because of all the different subjects and stories, it can help open up the mind and start up some motivation. I figured it could help me get my mind back on track.

I was looking at washi tape because I was getting into scrap booking when someone walked over to me. I heard an “excuse me” and I looked to my right. Standing there was a young woman staring at me. She asked what I was doing out here in the countryside of Japan. I told her I was teaching English, but the whole time I am thinking “Who is this person??” “Did I meet them at one of my schools?” We continued to talk. It turns out she was just a complete stranger who had lived in the area. Seeing a foreigner in the area made her really curious as to what I thought of life out here and what kind of life I lived in this small town.

At first I thought maybe she was interested in just speaking some English. Maybe after some time we would just say “Hey, nice talking to you” and part ways. Yet we kept talking, about this and that. I’ve had some pretty funny meetings here in Japan with strangers. Usually after five or so minutes the conversation ends and we go back to our day. This time was different though. We talked for maybe around twenty or so minutes there in that bookstore and we ended up going to get coffee together. The conversation just flowed so well so things just continued. I got to know more about her, her family, and her life. We just had a good, genuine conversation talking about things that were important to us and all sorts of matters. Not a usual conversation to have with someone you just met. We talked for maybe another two hours or so and parted ways at the café.

I don’t usually just go places with strangers. It’s not something I can say I have experienced much. I am glad I did this time though. It led to an interesting new friendship that started off differently than so many before.

We still talk and we have even met up again to continue talking and sharing our cultures. It sounds weird, but those kinds of connections feel very important to me. It’s a connection made from taking a chance when presented with it.  It’s very organic and came from us both being there at the same time. It motivates me to want to talk to more of the people around me. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of friendships and relationships that can form from just putting your fear aside and saying hey to someone. I have always been a fan of that concept. The power to be friends with anyone around you.

There are so many possibilities in this world, but so many times we get trapped in our mind and see only a tunnel of what could be. If we really understood how much was possible, I think we wouldn’t get down as much as we do sometimes. Sometimes I want to talk to someone, but don’t because I don’t want to come off weird or disturb them. I want to work on that and talk to many different people, learn about them. After all who knows where that could lead to. It’s like that motivational quote “I want to live everyday like it’s my last, no regrets.” I believe that I do try my best to live like that, but of course I have a long way to go and that’s perfectly okay. It’s about the journey after all.

Time to keep working till that manifests more and more into our lives. Peace.


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