A Tale of Japan and Slides

It was back in the late autumn of 2015. I had gone to Kobe to meet with a few friends. My bro from the college days lived there so I stayed at his. The next morning we decided we wanted to go on a little adventure. So we hit the streets.

We walked on and on throughout the different maze like neighbor hoods of Japan. Then we came across a stadium that seemed to had drawn a crowd for some event, so we made on our way in that direction. It was just a track event, but the real prize was soon to be found. At the base of the stadium was a sign for… “Adventure World.”

We had found it. We didn’t know we were looking for it, but we found it regardless. The holy grail of adventures right in front of us. We headed up the slope shaking with excitement and when we arrived we were not disappointed. Playgrounds galore. Seriously though Japan has some sweet playgrounds. They had exercise equipment, swings, jungle gym things, and a hidden jewel that spread throughout the downward forest. It was the slide of destiny, the descent of fate, the downward spiral of everlasting nature. It started from the very top of the large hill we were now standing upon. When you looked at the slide, all you could see was the bush of the forest surrounding it. You couldn’t see where it went. You couldn’t see the destination. All you could see, was the promise of adventure. The journey proceeded.

My friend was a wild man. He did what no other could ever fathom. He took his position on the slide. Looked back one last time, then took the plunge into darkness. He yelled the entire way. Do you know what that crazy B said when he somehow found the bottom? He said, “Hey it’s fun.” Or something like that I really have no idea because it was so long ago and I don’t remember little details like that. In my mind that’s possibly what I heard though. I knew if my boi had gone, then so must I. I took my position. I griped the sides of the slide of phantasmal fate. I took out my phone and started up snapchat. I was finally ready. It had been a long journey to this point. Filled with tears and hopelessness, but after that 47 minute walk from his apartment I knew that things were about to change. I did what one would expect on a slide, I slid.

I screamed extravagantly so that it came off really cool on my snapchat. People must have watched that and gasped at the stunts that were occurring. I believe even to this day a few must have fainted from watching that exasperating video. It went on and on, I screamed and screamed. I even had to make two separate full length snapchat videos because it just kept going and going. Through the misty forests of Kobe. I got closer and closer until finally, I landed on solid ground. There was my friend and I. We were changed men. We looked at each other and probably said something like “Yea, that was pretty sweet.”

We then started playing on all the different obstacles and stuff they had around. Actually they did have this dope net rope thing that we climbed all the way back up to the top of the hill. Probably was like 20 meters or something. I kid you not that slide was dope though.

After having our fill of the spectacular Adventure World we continued our adventures elsewhere.

We walked for what was probably another 30 minutes. As fate would have it, we found it again. We found another slide. This slide was probably over 80 meters long spiraling and twisting throughout the mountain we now found ourselves on. The thing was a legend. It was like staring a dragon in its eyes. Stood like a giant among men. We were the men. We knew what had to be done. The now coined “Slide Destroyers of the East that came from the West” which we have been called on several occasions, knew what had to take place. This slide too must be conquered. We made our way up the mountain, climbing rope net after rope net. Some of these vicious fiends even had monkey bars going throughout this mountain. I do recall one phrase I said. That such phrase was…”Man Japan goes hard with these playgrounds.” I remember that because it was on my snapchat, whattup.

We made our way to the top and looked down. What a sight to behold. It was a view from the myths, a scene displayed in the legends of old. You know by now my friend doesn’t hold back the punches, so you can probably guess his next step. He looked at the slide, and that crazy mofo SLID.

I soon followed chase. However I allowed for proper time to make sure you that my friend was able to achieve a safe distance away to avoid any chances of collision in the case I out sped him. I’m super scientific like that. I got snapchat ready again and threw the emergency breaks out the window. Blasting off. I went like 4 feet before the friction of my butt and the slide hit max and I completely stopped. That was it. I had to basically pull myself down the rest of the slide. Yea that one was pretty lame; adventure world blew it out of the water.

The day proceeded, I knew I had to return back home. We bid our farewells and I boarded the semi long train home.

That day was one for the hall of fame. I know I am the man I am now, because of that day. Peace.


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