To the New World 新世界へ

Osaka is a city full of bright lights and a zoo of aromas ranging from fried foods lining the streets and the various restaurants that flood the city. It’s a fun city for sure that has pretty much anything you are looking for. It’s one of the biggest cities in Japan and you can feel it when you go there. To me it feels kind of chaotic compared to other cities, but I also have spent the least amount of time in this city compared to some others. Regardless it’s a great destination for someone trying to visit some hot spots of Japan.IMG_6174.JPG

While the city is brimming with new technology and the latest fads of Japan, there is still one place in Osaka that has some real retro vibes to it. Ironically enough its name is “新世界” or “The New World.” The biggest feature of this part of town is the 通天閣 (tsutenkaku) which is a super classic looking tower that shoots up into the sky. Comparatively it isn’t super tall since many of the new buildings go higher, but this one is a lot older. Many of the buildings around it are very small though so you can get a great view of the city if you go up, which I personally recommend. Originally I want to say that this tower is around 100ish years old or something of the sort. I do believe however this is the second one they built as the first one may have been damaged. Regardless, the vibe and feel of this part of town is something out of a movie.IMG_6195.JPG

There are many vibrant neon signs and lights that flood this area and make you feel like you are in an alternate world. It is also a place well known for its fried goods, especially kushikatsu (串かつ). You can order all sorts of different goods that have been fried. You then dip it one time, and only one time, in a special sauce. It sounds pretty normal, but it is absolutely delicious and fairly cheap as well. The place I went with my friend was amazing and had some really nice atmosphere.IMG_6185.JPG

If you go to Osaka you defiantly need to add this to your list of locations to visit. I didn’t go during the day, but at dusk and into the night it had such a nice feel to it. Check it out and feel the vibes, peace.


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