Korea Feels

Sup, back at it again but this time I’m talking about the lovely, vibrant, yes that’s right, it’s South Korea. When I want to talk about a good trip, I talk about South Korea. Sometimes trips going really well and sometimes things just don’t really work out like you had planned and things can get a little messy. That being said we didn’t actually have much of a plan for South Korea, but everything went swimmingly well. I went with two of my really good friends from the ye ol days of college. It was seriously such an amazing trip. There are so many beautiful places, food, buildings, everything in Korea. The girls were pretty gorgeous too I might add. If you are looking for a new country to visit or have always been interested in South Korea, then buy that plan ticket and go this year, 2017 is ready for you.


As I live in Japan it’s so easy to go visit South Korea, the flight itself was only about an hour and a half max. While it is a country in Asia, it has both a lot of similarities and differences from that of Japan. It defiantly has the eastern vibes, temples, food, cool technology, and culture, but in a lot of ways it felt a lot more western to me than Japan. Now my friends and I stayed in a college district of Seoul so it’s very different from where I live here in Japan, very, very different ;( . My sadness aside, I forgot what it was like living in an area populated by young people again. Vibrant energy all around and lots of couples. Japan is a country where people don’t really display their affection in public. Holding hands is something you might see, but not usually more than that. South Korea however was not like that at all. The couples were all over the place being very lovey dovey and while I was a sad, sad boi with no one to love, it was still good to see that. It felt happy and lively, and while Japan doesn’t feel boring or sad, it was just nice to see that energy again in society, at least in those ways.


My friends and I stayed only in Seoul, but we went all over the place in that city. We were there for a little more than a week. We saw museums, historical sites, towers, shopping districts, malls, movie theaters, parks, bridges, and an old friend. We stayed in a hostel which is something I still haven’t done more than 3 or 4 times, so it still feels pretty new to me. It was very reasonable and overall Korea itself was very cheap to live in I felt. Transportation there was insanely cheap compared to Japan. We didn’t take any taxis in the countryside, but apparently those are even more ridiculously cheap. I would say I spent maybe 500 US dollars my entire week there, including housing, shopping, food, everything. It might not have even been that much now that I think about it. The museums were all super interesting, except the modern art place we went too. I’m just not a fan. It was just a great country for walking around and seeing really cool sites, much like Japan. Defiantly has a different feel to it than Japan though. Many Korean people could speak English very well comparatively to Japan we found as well.


We ran into an old college friend from when we were studying abroad in Nagoya as well. She was staying at the same dorm we were back in Nagoya and we just happened to meet randomly in some random station. She is from South Korea, but lives in Busan, so it was such a coincidence to run into her. We were all kind of shocked that we all just happened to be at the same place. It was great seeing her again and we actually met up with her a couple days later and she kind of gave us a little tour of the city and explained some things to us about Korea. It was so nice having her opinion and explanation on things and she also is just a really nice person. Friends really do make a trip so much better.

I have lots of stories and funny tales of the trip, but this would turn more into a light novel if I continue so let’s call it here. Thanks for checking it out and peace.


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