Thrills in Kobe – 神戸

Last summer I went to the beautiful city of Kobe神戸 in Hyogo prefecture兵庫県. Kobe is a lovely port town that has many delicious foods and fancy sites. Parts of the city have a western style design which is also very unique for Japan. This wasn’t my first time to the city, but this trip was special. I went with three other English teachers who I’m good friends with. Most of the trip actually was kind of what you would expect, just a fun trip with friends. The first night however was more of a nightmare. That’s exaggerating, but it was an intense night. Let me explain.

One of my friends wanted to go see some waterfalls, which we were all game to go do. It’s a good idea and in actuality they were very beautiful and the place was very atmospheric, which Kobe in general I might add has a nice atmosphere, mainly because it has mountains, ocean, and city. It’s just a really nice combo of everything. The waterfalls were great; the problem was we didn’t get there till the sun was already starting to set. That added to the great view, but we wanted to continue upwards to see the great night life. That in itself was a good idea too. We found a nice spot after continuing up the path and leaving the main trail through a gate to find a different path. The view was pretty and nice, but we still weren’t ready to just go back, so we continued up again. We followed a really dark road and found an interesting bridge. It had to be around 7pm I want to say at this point, but it was already pitch black. We crossed the bridge and another path continued up the mountain. There wasn’t much of anything besides this extremely steep and narrow path however. We went up and up for about half an hour and started doubting this path we were taking. We checked it out on the maps and found it was a full blown hiking course going deeper into the mountains so we decided to give up since we could barely see anything besides the flashlights and we were in the middle of nowhere.

We went back and finally made it back to the bridge in one piece. We stood around trying to decide our next move when we heard something rustling up above us. Next thing we know we hear some rocks tumbling and a football sized rock slams down right next to us. We couldn’t see anything since all we had was our phone flashlights, so this was actually really freighting. If that had hit one of us it would have done serious damage, especially since our heads seem like the most likely to have been hit. It sounded like more almost fell, but there was a gate like wrapping going around the mountain to prevent that, one just jumped over it it seemed. Honestly though if we had gotten hit that would have been really bad. Even though we heard it we can no idea where it was going to hit since we had no visibility. I was shaken up a little bit especially since my reaction time was slower than I would have liked, but God bless we were aight. I’m sure the others were not feeling too good after that either. We decided now was the time to get out of there so we made our way down the mountain. This is where the next problem comes into play.

The gate we came through when leaving the waterfall originally was now locked. We couldn’t go back the way we came. There was another road, but it was more indirect and we weren’t completely sure if it would take us back. That’s all we had though so we took it. The road itself was fine besides being windy and not very well lit. Along the side of the road was a wooden fence following it separating from the rest of the mountain. About half way down the mountain however we heard something moving around. As soon as I heard it again I noticed something moving and what looked like feet standing behind a tree next to the fence we were following along. Everyone stopped, I peeked around with the flashlight and 4 glowing eyes were staring back. It was a wild boar and her baby. Not something you want to see in the woods, at night, away from civilization. We all just froze. We knew it was bad that the child was there since it would be more aggressive if it felt threated so we stopped and didn’t move any closer. After a little bit of time the two started to walk off and we started breathing again. I was already shaken about a rock almost hitting our heads and now this wild boar is walking around. We moved to the other side and continued down. Like I said earlier though the road was windy so it whipped back around and this time there was no fence. We literally were walking right where the boar had been and we didn’t have a fence anymore. We stopped and questioned the idea for a bit, but decided to just take it slow, which turned into running.

We made it back down and ran back to the station which we were so relieved to see again. The rest of the night was very peaceful and relaxing but we needed it after all that. Even now thinking about that rock falling down on our heads and the glare of the boar still kind of messes with me. We were lucky and were blessed that no one got hurt. I haven’t been too fond of wondering off in the woods at night since then either haha. Hope you enjoyed the story, and keep an eye out if you ever do something similar, peace yo.


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