Ninja Town 忍者の村

Like ninjas? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Anyways I love them, so let’s talk.  Iga city伊賀市 is well known in Japan as being the birthplace of ninjas. Therefore they have many different types of attractions for those seeking to learn more. Naruto has always been one of my favorite shows for over the past 10 years now. This however is not a discussion of Naruto, and for those who have actually seen the show you know that it isn’t exactly a historical representation of ninjas. But honestly who cares the show is effin good and I get mad hype watching it. That show did increase my interest in the ninja since an early age and even today I think it’s a cool concept and simply fascinating. So you know what I did? I went to the Ninja village cause why not aye? I also live mad close, just saying.

I expected it to be pretty gimmicky to be honest. I mean its ninjas after all; things get kind of silly when talking about ninjas. I was wrong, and very happy I was wrong. The main attractions are probably two things. The first one being a ninja house, with a tour to show the little tricks and traps that are found within it. Second being a performance where a team dresses as Ninjas and put on a show. I know that sounds pretty silly, but it was actually dope. They had a good sense of humor and it was just super interesting to watch, I had a great time. It is defiantly something I want to take people to go see. After the tour though there is another museum talking about the trade of the ninja. This is where you get more of an in depth look into the history and depth of what the ninja was really about. A lot of really cool facts and stories there that honestly got me really hype. They have a little gift shop too if you like that kind of stuff.

To get to the city there are a couple different train lines, but the one I took actually had ninja inspired trains. They had paintings of ninjas on the train itself and also some of them even had human sized ninja mannequins in the trains hanging in the corners being effin ninjas (the above picture). Pretty cool thing to see actually. This town also has a pretty beautiful castle and a few other attractions so it’s defiantly a nice day trip. If you are interested in ninjas and ever plan to come to Japan, I would recommend this as well.

Thanks for the read and continue being effin ninjas yo, peace.img_5519


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