Kyushu Trails – 九州の旅

Late August of last year I went to see a good friend who is also a JET teacher in Miyazaki prefecture(宮崎県), Kyushu (九州) in Japan. I live in Mie Prefecture (三重県) so I get to visit the Kansai sights often, but as for Kyushu, this was my first time there. There are four main islands that make up Japan, which are Honshu (本州), Hokkaido(北海道), Shikoku(四国), and Kyushu.  Kyushu is well known for being more on the tropical side of Japan. While it’s not quite that close to Okinawa(沖縄), the area of Miyazaki is still much more tropical than my area of Mie. My friend lives in Nobeoka city 延岡 so thats where the home base was.

Nobeoka City

I flew Peach airlines, which any recent grad living in Japan probably knows about.  It is a much more affordable airline that resides in the eastern part of the world. They don’t go everywhere in Asia, but the areas they do go to are often very affordable. Many people say the seats are too small, but personally I don’t think they are any different than a normal economy seat on most airlines. The main appeal is that I was able to get a ticket from the Kansai airport to Miyazaki for about 120 US dollars there and back. Amazing deal if I say so, I recommend them to anyone traveling on this side of the world.


I was in Kyushu for around six days I want to say. My friend had a car and was nice enough to drive me and another one of our friends from college around the main sights of the area. The area of Miyazaki and probably Kyushu as a whole is filled with beautiful locations and beaches. We went through mountains, saw a famous waterfall called Takechiho gorge 高千穂峡, and chilled out on the beautiful beaches. While the locations and the weather alone is enough to make me want to go again, the food is also something that was quite the pull. Famous for quite a few chicken dishes such as chicken nanban チキン南蛮 and jidori地鳥. If you ever go to Kyushu, defiantly look out for these dishes.

Takechiho Gorge

Had an absolute awesome time in Miyazaki with good friends and defiantly trying to head back to Kyushu which a good time arises. Japan in general is such a beautiful and fun place to be, anyone on the fence about it should make it their new year resolution to make the leap and come on over. Thanks for the read and have a blessed year, peace yo.


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