Lake Tahoe

So I went on a week trip to meet my family and visit America again last week. Destination, Lake Tahoe. Right along the boarder of California and Nevada its a beautiful lake surrounded by the Rocky  mountains. The main reason I went was mainly to see my family again as its been over a year since I had last seen everyone. I live in Japan now on the JET Program, which if you ever have been interested in working in Japan you probably have heard of. Its a great program, but for now lets talk about Tahoe.

We stayed at a mountain resort called Squaw Valley Resort or something along those lines I’m not completely sure to be honest. It was an awesome location though and especially if you are into skiing or snowboarding. Its also a great place to take pictures. Which is actually one of the reasons I’ve started writing this entire thing in the first place. I like taking pictures, I’m a simple man. If writing and posting pictures here helps inspire me and motivate me to go take more then seems like a good step. The Rocky mountains are very scenic and we got very lucky with our timing. The day after we arrived it started snowing a lot, around 6ish inches or something along those lines. Then it kept snowing and snowing and it got pretty deep. I want to post pictures, but I don’t know how yet on this website, so I gotta figure that out. My family and I did a lot of things there, but I’m going to cut this post here until I figure out how to work this site. Peace.


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